Gyp Hills Trail Ride and the Gant-Larson Ranch likes to support other organizations and activities related to the ranching, trail riding, and promoting tourism in Kansas. Below are links to some of our favorites.



Kerry Kuhn, host of "Ridin' Horses with Kerry Kuhn" on HRTV

Kerry is our hometown horsemanship expert from Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  Since the mid 90’s, Kerry has held horsemanship demonstrations and clinics all across the United States and Canada. Kerry has also been a national ambassador for Purina Mills' Equine Influential Team and was the official clinician on "Best of America by Horseback", a popular show on RFD-TV, for several years. He has been hosting his own weekly horse show on HRTV since January of 2013.


Kansas Mule & Donkey Show in Kingman, Kansas - September 2016

The Kansas Mule & Donkey Show is organized each year by a group of “longear” loving volunteers who enjoy exhibiting the versatility and superiority of mules and donkeys. The Mule Show offers a great opportunity for owners and riders to gather together to compete in traditional equine events like Halter and Western Pleasure, and in other events you only want to attempt while riding a mule or donkey: the Pantyhose race, the Diaper race, and more!


Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant - September 28, 29 & 30, 2018

 Kansas' own Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant commemorates the great Peace Council of 1867 between the U.S. Government and the proud civilization of the Plains Indians. The town of Medicine Lodge has been gathering to recreate the historic event since 1927.