Experience & explore the rugged Gypsum Hills in Medicine Lodge, Kansas 

Every year,  equine enthusiasts gather together to spend a day or a weekend in the Gypsum Hills. The hills are located west of Medicine Lodge and present one of the nation's most perfect paintbrush regions. The stark red bluffs and buttes capped with white, gypsum ledges and deep, cedar tree lined canyons present an aura of color and beauty for year round riding pleasure. 

The rides occur on the same land once roamed by the five Great Plains Indian Tribes--Kiowa, Apache, Comanche, Arapaho, and Cheyenne. A multitude of wildlife including white tail and mule deer, wild turkey, coyote, and bobcat are often  spotted on the trail.  With access to thousands of acres, riders enjoy the wide-open spaces that make this ride unlike any other experienced. Both organized and private riding is provided year round. Visitors must provide their own mount, tack and camping equipment.

Gyp Hills Trail Rides were featured on a 2015 episode of RFD-TV's Best of America by Horseback. The area has also served as filming locations for Hollywood movies and television commercials.

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The Pouting House

We now offer a cabin for rent called The Pouting House. It features a custom built Eastern Red Cedar loft complete with two beds. Click here for more information. 


Gypsum Hills Trail Rides

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